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Here's What Members Are Saying About Mission Valley Church of Christ...



I became a member of Mission Valley because the teaching and preaching are based on the Bible and the Bible alone.  This was over 20 years ago.  I remain at Mission Valley because the members live what is taught there.  They are loving, caring people who will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and to help you in any way that can.

— Gail, Tucson


Donna Wood

Mission Valley Church of Christ is  wonderful Church for many reasons. The congregation is so pleasant and willing to do anything to make everyone comfortable.  The church does many things. Especially at our monthly potluck, which is a wonderful time for everyone.  The childrens group is really important for our young ones.  Mission Valley Church of Christ  has a pleasant environment for everyone.  They really make you feel right at home.  The preacher here is a great speaker and a wonderful person.  There is a lot of Love behind our doors!! 

— Donna Wood, Avra Valley

Leota Ryen

Mission Valley Church of Christ is my family. 

— Leota Ryen, Amado

Oneta Singleton

Mission Valley Church of Christ is made up of members that are loving, kind and generous to all members.  We always greet and make welcome anyone that comes to visit.  God has been so good to all of us, we want everyone to feel his goodness and presence.  We have been so blessed! 

— Oneta Singleton, Tucson

John L. Strobeck

We are concerned for our salvation and yours.  We teach, preach and study the Holy Bible as we believe it contains the way to salvation and eternal life at the end of our journey on earth.  We look forward to converting people to God's plan for salvation so that fewer and fewer will be lost in the day of judgement.  If you want to know what the Bible says and how to be certain of your salvation, come and study the Bible and worship God with us.  We want you to be saved. 

— John L. Strobeck, Minister, Tucson

Ray & Susan Garrison

We are so happy to be with this loving, friendly, studious, and helpful congregation.  We happily anticipate meeting and welcoming new visitors.

— Ray & Susan Garrison, Tucson

Bruce & Lupe McFarren

We came from out-of-state a few years ago; and after visiting several congregations of the church in the area, we settled on Mission Valley Church of Christ because of the warm welcome we received.  So many wonderful people here and emphasis on strong Biblical teachings.  The minister, John Strobeck, always presents his lessons solely based on the Holy Scriptures. 

— Bruce & Lupe McFarren, Green Valley

Ray & Judy Kinnison

I have been a member of the Mission Valley Church of Christ for several years. Christians  are always anxious to share the "Good News" about God and the plan that He has for all people who choose to follow Him. I would  like to extend an invitation to all persons who visit this website to join us at one of our Worship Services. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

— Ray & Judy Kinnison, Tucson